What is CrossFit+

Group Fitness Cutsomized For You

The first 25 minutes of this class is 100% tailored to you based on your needs. Whether you have joint pain, range of motion limitations, specific performance goals, whatever it may be, the first half of the class will be spent working on YOUR needs through specific programming written for you by your coach.

The second half of the class will be a group workout, the part of the class that you know and love! However, the group workout will be modified in any way it needs to be specifically for you, by your coach. Maybe you need to be using a specific weight, maybe you need to be using a dumbbell instead of a barbell, maybe you need to be adding in specific rest. Whatever YOUR needs are, they will be addressed by your coach.

The Results of Personal Attention plus the Fun of Group Class

In addition to group classes, you also get 1 personal touchpoint per month with your coach, which might be a: personal training session, a goal-setting session, a mindset session.

This isn’t the only communication with your coach, you also will have an app on your phone for you to text and share videos so your coach can give his or her feedback.