Steve Keefer

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Steve Keefer


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer


How did you learn about CrossFit?
I’ve always checked out other athletes’ workouts, trying out and adopting new things that make sense. So there I was – at the gym – and I saw this dude in intense pain, doing some kind of weird workout, and something just totally clicked in me. I went up to him and asked him what he was doing – it turned out he was in the middle of ‘Fran’, thrusters and pullups for time – and after a few minutes in his near-death experience he finally sputtered out, ‘!’. Well dagnabbit, from that moment on I was hooked.
What is your favorite thing about SOAR?
The Community. SOAR is my favorite place to hang out. I love our people! The whole vibe here is super positive and fun.
What do you love about being a SOAR Coach?
Usually I’m a substitute Coach. I just love to get out there and mix it up, as an Athlete, Coach or just as Shteve-O. If I can make one Athlete’s day brighter, or help create a little motivation with a kick in the tail, or help spark an ‘aha!’ moment when it all clicks for an Athlete, that makes me happy.
Words of wisdom for new people?
Move – just moving is a great start. Please remember that CrossFit is a journey not a destination. What your times/weights/reps are when you start is irrelevant if you’re sacrificing form. What matters is not your first WOD, but your WOD’s one, 5, 15 and 50 years from now. Enjoy the process, stay motivated, listen to your Coaches, and allow the program to work. Everything is scalable! My mom and LeBron James do the same workouts – just LBJ puts 500 lbs on his back to squat, and my ma sits on a tall chair then stands up. It’s the same WOD, performed intensely relative to the given Athlete. Go where you’re able to go. On a mental note – the WOD’s suck for everyone (except for a couple mutants who enjoy the agony). You’ll want your mama, you’ll want to cry, and…you’ll feel great when you’re done, surrounded by cheering SOAR’ers who’ve just done the same thing. And it’ll get better next time, and your fitness and overall wellness will go through the roof. Stick it out!
Athletic/Training Background:
I played a ton of sports growing up, some competitively. I was a gym rat and down for just about any workout, any time. In the military we played around with some pretty insane physical training but never distilled it to the scientific essence that CrossFit has. I love getting in the water, preferably in big waves, and yoga helps me open up. I’ve been banged up quite a bit with my background, had major spinal surgery, and love that CrossFit has helped me to heal. A little trivia fact about me – I have successfully completed my CrossFit Level 1 certification twice – first solo and the second time with my son.

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