Laura “Legit” Romanek

Group Class, Personal Training
Laura “Legit” Romanek


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer


“Legit” came to Soar in the fall of 2013 on a lost bet to her brother and the rest is history. She began coaching in the summer of 2015 and hasn’t slowed down since, being one of our “OG” coaches here. She has a passion for all things weightlifting but if you want to challenge her, ask her to do the workout Annie with you. She always says if you beat her time (4:24) she will buy you ice cream. She’s NEVER had to buy ANYONE ice cream. LOL. “Legit” is someone who everyone feels safe around, not just inside the gym coaching classes and drilling technique but outside the gym as well. She’s one of our coaches that knows most of everyone’s 1RMs even when they forgot! Always wanting everyone to push to better themselves as athletes and understand the why’s of every movement and WOD because coaching is what she loves! If you want to have fun, and laugh, while getting a great workout in…well, That’s LEGIT!


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